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Artesian Future Technology specializes in building GPU mining rigs and a broad range of other computer systems using the highest quality parts available. We have clients across the world interested in crypto-mining, GPU supercomputing, and other related applications. We also create GPU-based servers enabling machine learning, AI research, modeling, and more - these servers help companies, institutions, and enterprising individuals to stay on top of the hardest computing challenges available. We are now proud to offer the Volta V case originally made by CDO Technology on the east coast; this unique hand-made chassis uses sustainable wood to transform our concept of what a computer can and should be at the hardware level. Aesthetic refinement, durability, power-efficiency, and quality help to set us apart in all that we build. Finally, we offer a unique consulting service that enables us to share our vast working knowledge of the cryptocurrency world with private recommendations for profitable and worthwhile activity that will far outpace publicly-available recommendations. These consulting services also enable us to give up-to-the-minute assistance and even aid in the setup and troubleshooting of any system, anywhere in the world. We are excited to deploy large mining installations across the US and elsewhere in the latter half of 2018. We welcome business partnerships and any interested clients, whether you just want to find the best way to mine or you're looking for hardware built, shipped, and put to work. 


Safe Ledger

We want to take a minute and explain what we mean by any coin any wallet. SafeLedger is designed to have open fields. You can add - edit - delete the profiles, wallets, and coins. This means you can add any wallet you want. You're not restricted to a small list of "supported wallets". If you can type it in, we support it. SafeLedger is used as a backup and recovery device for coins and wallets no matter where they are. Hardware Wallets, Software Wallets, this even works for Online Wallets and Exchanges. The SafeLedger team personally likes to use the notes section to backup our Two-Factor Authentication recovery codes as well.

One of the largest pools in the world.  BSOD provides multiple pools for multiple coins.  With low fees and amazing support, join what is already pre-loaded into AIOMiner!  BSOD.PW Pool!