New to AIOMiner

Finding out if AIOMiner is right for you?

During 2017 the Crypto World went crazy!  Everyone grabbed as many GPU's as possible and started mining ALT COINS In hopes that they would become rich overnight!  Unfortuianitly this was not the case.  GPU Mining was over ran with thousands of users setting up farms and increasing the difficulty of every coin.  During this time, many coin projects tried to solve a problem coined as "Satoshi's Dream".  While not every coin is equal, AIOMiner was built to help new and existing miners to control all of the software that is used to obtaine these coins and to give you powerfull tool at no cost.   AIOMiner is meant to be used for users with near new GPU's (AMD/NVIDIA) to obtain the coin of your choice.  We try to avoid algorithms (the math your gpu's are running to solve the block) that are ran over wtih ASIC'S. Currently AIOMiner is a Windows 8/10 Supported Application.  At this time we do not have a Linux based release. 

Are your GPU's Supported?

  • AMD 280x
  • AMD 380
  • AMD Fury
  • AMD 470
  • AMD 480
  • AMD 570
  • AMD 580
  • AMD VEGA56
  • AMD VEGA64
  • NVIDIA 750Ti
  • NVIDIA 1050Ti
  • NVIDIA 1060
  • NVIDIA 1070
  • NVIDIA 1070Ti
  • NVIDIA 1080
  • NVIDIA 1080Ti
  • NVIDIA 2080
  • NVIDIA 2080Ti

Listed to the left you will find GPU's that are supported by AIOMiner. While we do support others, the ones listed here are known to be working and have "accurate" profit predictions.  If you have a model not listed and would like to add to it, please contact us!

What type of coins can you get with AIOMiner?

This is a very common question when you start mining.  Most likely you want to get ahold of BitCoin.  The first cryptocurrancy, the problem with this is that BitCoin was taken over by ASIC's (Application Specific Integrated Circuit).  This means while you could techincally join a BitCoin Pool with your GPU's your input would be so small you would never get paid out.  This is where AltCoins come into place.  AIOMiner supports almost all AltCoin algorithums.  At the time of writting this we currently support over 60+ Algorithums in one place!   So, while it's you vs the world we are here to help you reach your goals of mining any altcoin as soon as possible.  Notible Coins that you can mine with AIOMiner:

  • BitTube
  • Loki
  • Ryo
  • RavenCoin
  • Akroma
  • Metaverse
  • BitcoinZ
  • GoByte
  • ZelCash
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Bitcoin Interest
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • Vertcoin
  • Lux
  • Straks

While this is just an example of some of the coins you can mine, keep in mind that some brands of Video Cards (AMD/NVIDIA) perform better at algo X than algo Y. For example, Nvidia performs better at ZHash Algo (Bitcoin Gold, BitcoinZ, ZelCash) but AMD performs better with CryptonightV8 (Monero).  So if you are building out your rig, keep in mind what type of coin you will be going after, this can change over time as new mining applications come out weekly!  

So how can AIOMiner help? 

AIOMiner will use the power of to help you figure out what coin would be the most profitable
E-Mail Alerts if your rig ever goes down or switches coins
Timed Mining if you want to only mine between X and Y hours of the day
Idle Mining if you are running this on your desktop, and you only want to mine when your keybaord and mouse don't move, come back and the mining stops
Pool Management is here to help you not only find pools, but keep them all in one place.  No more batch files all [email protected]#
Detailed GPU info, Remember to keep your GPU's as cool as posible.  With AIOMiner, we will give you an on-screen display of your gpu stats
Auto-Profit switching, If you are into that sort of thing, If you have a pool setup and it becomes the top coin, you can schedule every night at midnight to switch over!
Auto-Start, AIOMiner can start with your computer to make sure you are always mining after a power loss!
Free Support!  AIOMiner Discord is open 24/7 and we are here to help you mine whatever coin you are going for!
Update Notifications, Miner Applications update constantly, if they are giving you more MHs or fixing a bug, we will let you know when you need to click on Update!
Coin Price Ticker!  Keep track of your favorite coins price right on the screen!
3rd Party applications like "ThePill" an Ethash boost for you 1080/1080ti miners will love our auto start and close of the pill for you!
Benchmarking Tool, If you want to see where you stack up to an algorithum we have an answer for you!
Online Monitoring for Free!  If you want to see your rig status while you are away, AIOMiner give you the opt-in option to view your rigs from whereever you are!
*Add Pools to all of your rigs with a few simple clicks!
*Change the coin you are mining from website

And all of this and more for free!  All items with a * require a donation to the AIOMiner project to help us keep the servers up and running!  We want to make sure this is easy and cheap for you as enough people are trying to take a %.  We want to provide a free application to all, but we need your help!

So, How do I get started?

1) Find the coin that you would like to mine.  In our example we will go with Ethereum Classic 

2) Start the download and install of AIOMiner, go ahead and run AIOMiner to kick off the download of all of the mining applications (we download a ton of them!)

3) Search for a wallet for this coin.  A wallet is the applciation or website where you get the address that the pool will send you coins to once you have reached the minimum payout. For example, Etherum Classic you can use to create a new ETC (Ethereum Classic Wallet).  This is an online wallet and not an application you need to download.  Put in your passwrod and Create a new Wallet.  It should download a .json file that you should keep secret.  When you need to open your wallet you give the site this file, and your password and you can see your balance along with your wallet address.  take note of this wallet address now!

4) With AIOMiner you can select new to mining and it will walk you through setting up Ethereum Classic as we have a pre-built pool here, but for your sake ill go over this process step by step as if this were not ETC (but kind?).   Goto Google and type int he name of your coin and pool.  so for example ("Ethereum Classic Pool").  A pool is where you and other miners work against the blockchain to answer question and reep the rewards (cut up between whoever did the most work).  Becasue there are so many pools and miners out there, usually you want to find the largest pool if possible.  the more miners on a pool, the better the payout.  Also Latency plays a huge part in this, so make sure the pool is near you (ping the pool ip).  

5) Once you have the pool IP and Port and you have confirmed that the pool is close to you.  Goto AIOMiner and select 'Pool Settings'.  From the dropdown select the coin you want (if you don't see it, click on add a new coin.  You will need to know waht Algorihtum that coin uses). 

6) If AIOMiner doesn't already have that pool loaded you can select "Add a new pool" from the second dropdown.  From there you can put in whatever name you want.  for the ip you would put in (for example stratum+tcp://, next, put in the port, and finally your wallet address. 

7) Feel free to test the pool to make sure that the ports open and it tries to mine, if it doesn't work, jump in the discord with a screen shot of your pool settings and we can help you out.  If the pool works out, feel free to select Primary Pool.  Primary Pool is selected so if you start to add other pools AIOMiner knows witch one you want to mine to

8) Go ahead and exit out of there and selec the coin from the main dropdown window.  Click Start.

9) As mentioned before AIOMiner will restar the mining if something bad happens.  Keep an eye on the pool you have chosen, usually they will allow for you to see your hashrate (it will be way off, don't worry) and let you know how many coins you have accrued.  You will need to reach the pools minimum payout before they send to your wallet.  This could take minutes,hours,days,months depending on how fast your gpu's are. 

10) Remember to keep your GPU's cool.  I like to keep mine around 70c to ensure they don't overheat!  AfterBurner is a great application to tweak around with underclocking and overclocking.  I highly recommend that you reduce your power and increase your core/mem speeds to find a mix between how low can you go and how fast is it going.  If you can reduce power by 10% and get the same hashrate then it should work out for ya!

Remember that we have a discord (below right hand corner) where we can help you get started.  We all had to start somewhere, be glad you have AIOMiner in your corner ;)