Free Hash Friday

Free Hash Friday is the monthly event hosted by AIOMiner where cryptocurrency-related prizes are raffled away to those lucky enough to have RNGesus select your number! 

It started in Summer 2018 when the AIOMiner team decided they wanted to give back to the community for all of their great feedback, suggestions, criticisms, and even loaning us their hardware so that we could expand support to more devices. It started with selecting one of our users at random and the AIOMiner team would use their own rigs to mine on behalf of that user’s wallet for 24 hours - any GPU-mineable coin that they desired. 

Eventually, the word about Free Hash Friday spread to outside of the AIOMiner community. Coins, pools, and other cryptocurrency-related organizations decided to join in and put up some of their own assets to spice up the rewards and grow the event to thousands of participants and hundreds of winners. 

How does this all work?

Great question! I’m glad I asked! 

During the week, usually on Wednesday, AIOMiner will send out a tweet announcing the opening of this week’s Free Hash Friday event. It will include a brief description of the sponsor and why you should go check them out, as well as an image with directions for you to follow to be eligible to win. Typically the directions are as follows: 
Like the Tweet 
Follow @AIOMiner 
Retweet with #FreeHashFriday 

Here’s an example from a previous  
Free Hash Friday 

You need to complete ALL three steps to be an eligible participant. Please take note that you need to retweet with a comment and add #FreeHashFriday. The reason for that is because we scan that hashtag for eligible participants. 

Any individual can be a participant, but there are a few rules: 
All AIOMiner subscribers are automatically entered to win 
Participants are limited to one entry and one prize per Free Hash Friday event
Participants cannot be directly affiliated with the Sponsor 
Organizations cannot be participants 
There is no cost to enter 
Making donations will NOT give you a better chance of winning 
All participants are created equal and have an equal chance of winning 

Upon completion of all the steps, your twitter handle will be added to this spreadsheet and assigned a number (be sure to find the current week’s tab at the bottom) 

The spreadsheet will be updated periodically throughout the week leading up to Friday. On Friday at 8:00pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles, USA Time), eligibility as a participant will close. The AIOMiner team will give the spreadsheet one final update and the spreadsheet will be locked. The raffle ceremony will take place immediately after the spreadsheet is finalized in theAIOMiner Discord Channel 

Within the AIOMiner Discord, there is a 3rd party bot, Bender, that is capable of generating a random number. An AIOMiner team member will publicly call the bot to generate a random number within the parameters (1 through the Total Number of Participants). The number will match a participant’s assigned number and that’s how everyone knows who won.
If the Free Hash Friday event has a sponsor, the bot will generate three numbers. First random number is 3rd prize, 2nd number is 2nd prize, and the 3rd randomly generated number is for 1st prize. If you are a winner, an AIOMiner team member will send you a direct message on Twitter using the official AIOMiner account. They will confirm that you’re the winner and which prize level that you’ve won. They will ask you for relevant information so that your reward can be successfully distributed to you. If the reward includes coins, you will be given a block explorer link to the transaction as verification. Some of the information asked will be shared with the sponsoring organization so that they may successfully distribute their share of the rewards.

The rewards may vary from week to week. The AIOMiner team will always use their rigs to mine any AIOMiner supported coin on behalf of the 1st prize winner for 24 hours. Typically, a coin sponsor will give away an amount of coin that they determine with 1st prize winning the most, 2nd prize winning a medium amount, and
3rd prize winning a small amount. Here is an example of rewards with a typical coin sponsor: 

1st Prize - Large Amount of Coin + Free Hashrate from AIOMiner Team 
2nd Prize - Medium Amount of Coin 
3rd Prize - Small Amount of Coin 

And that’s pretty much everything you need to know about Free Hash Friday! If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please let us know in the AIOMiner Discord where we have a channel dedicated to Free Hash Friday. 

May the Hashrate ever be in your favor! 

Happy Mining, 

-AIOMiner Team

Become a Sponsor 

Sponsors have become an integral part of Free Hash Friday. The sponsor is usually a coin, but it doesn’t have to be. The sponsor can be any organization that offers cryptocurrency-related products or services. We’ve had coins, exchanges, hardware wallets, and even crypto-related entertainment as sponsors in the past. So, the possibilities are endless for who can be a sponsor. 

Quick FAQ about Sponsors: 
Any cryptocurrency related organization can be a Sponsor 
The Sponsor chooses what they want to giveaway and how much (there is no upper or lower limit) 
The Sponsor distributes the rewards directly to the winners (AIOMiner will collect the necessary information and forward it to the Sponsor) 
The reward must be directly related to cryptocurrencies
Coin sponsors are NOT required to have a Proof of Work blockchain

So, how do you become one of our great sponsors? Easy! First, pick a week that you’d like to be a Sponsor using this calendar and book it 

Next, a security deposit of 0.01 BTC is due within 24 hours of booking in case of “No Show”. 
Your booking will be confirmed when the deposit is received to this address: 


You will receive the security deposit (minus transaction fees) back once all rewards are distributed. If rewards are not distributed within 72 hours of the event, the security deposit will be distributed to those who were supposed to receive your distribution. 

Finally, please send the following on or before the Saturday prior to your sponsored Free Hash Friday week to [email protected]
Official Logos/Media Package 
Description of your intended reward and how much (Please keep in mind that there are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners) 
Brief description/selling point of your organization Links to your Social Media (Twitter, Discord, Reddit, BitcoinTalk, etc.) 
Anything else you think is important to a successful FHF Sponsorship 

Shane, our CEO, will reach out to collaborate with you to make sure that your sponsorship of Free Hash Friday runs smoothly and gives you as much exposure as possible.