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Your All-In-One Windows GPU Mining Software!

AIOMiner Key Features

Remote Command

Control your mining from anywhere

Automatic Updating

Don't worry, you are always up to date on the latest mining software

Auto Profitability Switching

Using the power of WhatToMine.com
We make sure you know as soon as possible whats the most profitable

Free Support

100% Free Support, Chat with others who can help with any issues

Timed Mining

If power is expensive during certain hours of the day, we have you covered

0% Fees

No fees from AIOMiner
Every coin you make, belongs to you

"I previously used one click miner for a while with vertcoin and found the interface useful but a bit clunky, but AIO goes far beyond that for me. I have to say I was very pleased to find it."

bazzais - Bitcoin Talk

"thank you for making an amazing mining software"

ReportMe - Discord

""Yeah this one looks promising -- will follow this one."

Eyedol-X - Bitcoin Talk